A MultiCAM Ephemeral Studio at Satis

multiCAM Systems, lors de la dernière édition de SATIS-Screen4All à Paris, du 9 au 10 novembre 2022 a présenté ses dernières technologies dédiées à la Production Virtuelle. During this show, MultiCAM set up an ephemeral XR studio for the shooting of the TV show

The principle of this installation is as follows: two RED Komodo 6K cameras, mounted on a SPIRIT robotization (Dolly, Lift, Head) were synchronized with the decor on the LED wall.

The two cameras are controlled via multiCAM PILOT, only two stations can handle the entire video capture and 3D decor. One on robot piloting and vision engineering of the two cameras. The other on the realization with the management of the 3D sets. This technology offers great flexibility and allows you to create precise and fluid camera movements.

the cameras were also connected to a RCP CyanView (Partner of MultiCAM which allows to manage the colorimetry of any camera (RED, blackmagic, canon…)

The tracking of these two robotization kits is directly taken into account by the BACKDROP media server, which projects the 3D scenery along the axis of the camera on the air.

All the sets were created by partner 3D design studios. using the Unreal Engine graphics engine. This next-generation graphics engine offers powerful tools for creating realistic and immersive settings, providing a captivating visual experience for viewers.