SPIRIT Head is a remote controlled PTZ head dedicated to broadcast and television. It offers the flexibility and robustness expected for this type of product. The result of 20 years of French manufacturing, the SPIRIT robotics was originally created by Polyscope.

Robotic head for broadcast cameras

SPIRIT Dolly is a high speed remote controlled dolly. It moves along a 400mm wide rail at a speed of up to 5 meters per second.
Its smoothness and ergonomics make the DOLLY the best dolly system for any type of indoor or outdoor shooting.

Complete Traveling and versatile

SPIRIT Lift is a remote-controlled high-speed motorized column. It gives more depth to your shots even with a fixed position on the ground.

Column motorized

SPIRIT Slide is a compact silder exclusively on straight rails. Perfect for OB vans and other semi-portable uses.

Compact and light travel


The Spirit Panbar is an accessory for Spirit robots. It is designed to add a panning functionality to these robots, allowing to control the rotation movements of the camera. It is compatible with all Spirit robot models, including PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) models.

Remote control with the ergonomics of a tripod

Spirit Remote is a remote control system for Spirit camera robots. It allows to control the movements of these robots in a precise and fluid way, with an intuitive interface. It is compatible with all Spirit robots, including PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) models.

Desk of control for SPIRIT robotizations


multiCAM PILOT focuses on an intuitive and efficient interface for controlling robotics and cameras.

Control software with motion control

multiCAM TRACKER is an ergonomic and intuitive interface for integrating tracking data from different SPIRIT robots and providing a single FreeD signal per camera for virtual production engines.

Space tracking management software

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