66-110 CM

SPIRIT LIFT is a motorized column that raises the level of production.

With a maximum extension of 110cm, the column gives breadth to the plans and energizes a classic PTZ device.

Coupled with a DOLLY and a HEAD, it brings the creativity of a crane with a small footprint on the stage!


Several sizes available

The SPIRIT Lift motorized column is available in two versions, depending on the amplitude of lift required:

SPIRIT LIFT M reaches 77cm
SPIRIT LIFT L reaches 1.90M

The lift can be connected to a dolly or on a base for a fixed location.
The lift can be fitted with a PTZ or SPIRIT Head camera.

Free-D compatible

Like all SPIRIT robots, SLIDE can communicate its position in space in real time via the FreeD protocol.

SPIRIT LIFT is self-tracking, meaning that no external optical tracking system is required to provide real-time position information.

With the multiCAM TRACKER software, simply specify the absolute position and the virtual production engine will receive the data from a camera with complete spatial data.


Web Interface

All SPIRIT robotics systems offer a web service for device configuration:

  • Set speed and ramping thresholds,
  • Running direction

The ergonomic interface enables simple operations such as:

  • Virtual joystick control
  • Save position
  • Position recall at a given speed
  • Programming movements (A/B) and loops

Intuitive and precise control

We have designed control surfaces that provide operators with precision control and unmatched ergonomics. With an IP connection, the multiCAM CONTROL PANEL can control the trolley as well as the column, head, zoom and optical focus.

With the multiCAM PILOT solution, you benefit from an ergonomic and intuitive interface allowing you to control up to 6 robots and cameras simultaneously.
By using it, you will be able to pre-program and create incredibly precise motion sequences.

Intuitive control with MutliCAM pilot

PILOT is a complete robotics control interface that allows a single operator to take control of the entire device.



remote control

custom speed

Resolution31555 Counts/cm
Accuracy0.000032 cm
Travel44 cm
Max Velocity0.86 m/s
Torque100Nm or 150Nm
course440 mm / 500mm
weight10.6 kg
Height66cm – 110cm
ConnectorsXLR 7 PTS male: 24 v power supply + data