Complete and versatile traveler




5 m/s


9,77 Nm

SPIRIT Dolly is a high speed remote controlled dolly. It moves along a 400 mm wide rail at a speed of up to 5 meters per second.

Its smoothness and ergonomics make the DOLLY the best dolly system for any type of indoor or outdoor shooting.


Free-D compatible

Like all the robots of the SPIRIT range, DOLLY can communicate its position in space in real time via the FreeD protocol.

Because of the curve, a spatial calibration is necessary. With the multiCAM TRACKER software, the positions of the various connected devices are aggregated to communicate the coordinates of a global virtual camera under a single FreeD signal.

The use of curved rails implies the need to use external tracking to calibrate the path of the rail in space.

We provide an innovative process to perform this calibration, based on Vive tracker. Of course, any other tracking solution can also be used: Mo-Sys, Stype, NCam.

ergonomic interface and intuitive :

With the multiCAM PILOT solution, you benefit from an ergonomic and intuitive interface to control up to 6 robots and program extremely precise movement sequences.

Intuitive and precise control

We have designed control surfaces that provide operators with precision control and unmatched ergonomics. With an IP connection, the multiCAM CONTROL PANEL can control the trolley as well as the column, head, zoom and optical focus.

With the multiCAM PILOT solution, you benefit from an ergonomic and intuitive interface allowing you to control up to 6 robots and cameras simultaneously.
By using it, you will be able to pre-program and create incredibly precise motion sequences.



remote control


EncoderIncremental / Track Encoded
Resolution1505 Counts/cm
Accuracy0.000664 cm
Travel14 Km
Max Velocity0.88m/s (Soft limited) Max theoretical 3.3m/s
Torque9,77 Nm
Power IN24Vdc 8A
embase Bulgin 3 pts220 volt IN ( prochainement shuko )
embase XLR 4 pts femelle12 volts,5 A OUT(alim PTZ ou CAM )
embase XLR 3 pts femelle24 volt OUT (spirit head)
embase XLR 7pts femellealim + data COLONNE