The multiCAM team participates in the "PRG Creative Days" in Belgium at Lites Studio.


Multicam at PRG creative day

multiCAM ROBOTICS took part in the “PRG Creative Days” in Belgium at Lites Studio with a Spirit (lift head dolly), Pilot, Tracker, Backdrop on a Studio xR installation in partnership with DreamCorp, PRG Belgium and PRG France. Freelancers, students, agencies were able to come and discover the advantages of virtual production for live shooting applications. Stan Walbert SEO of MultiCAM Systems was able to speak on a panel to develop his vision of the future of production between VR, AR, XR and Metaverse.

our solutions for XR

We were able to present our robotics solution:

The Spirit bundle (dolly lift head) in an XR studio environment equipped with the red komodo combo and PL canon lens full Servo.

The spirit bundle is controlled by the spirit remote and the pilot software which allows an easy handling with an intuitive interface.

a connection between the camera and the 3D set

The set communicates with the cameras thanks to the tracker software:

The tracker collects free-d data from each robot and centralizes it into a single free-d signal, making a single camera object.

an immersive experience

The 3D scene was created with the Unreal Engine which allows to create a real immersion thanks to its super realistic 3d rendering.

The background is displayed on LED walls using backdrop software.

With the multiCAM BACKDROP, your show becomes an immersive experience with teleportation from the studio in the blink of an eye.

Compared to the green screen, the projection on screen offers a better quality because:

  • you get real reflections of lights projected by the screens.
  • your talent knows exactly what is around it because it actually sees it.
  • no constraints with glass reflections, non-green clothes, etc…
  • no “green fatigue”, which is essential when you spend a lot of time in the studio.